Tapping Phrases for the 4 Dimensions of Wealth Creation

Tap on any or all of the tapping points while repeating the following phrases:

  • My desires are an expression of Divine Will
  • I am a powerful channel for the divine creative spark
  • My vision for a rich life is clear and magnetic
  • I unite my desires with unwavering intention
  • I align every fiber of my being with my vision and desire
  • My thoughts, beliefs and feelings support the fulfillment of my desires
  • I acknowledge and process my negative thoughts and feelings to get them out of my system
  • I replace them with powerful programming that aligns with what I want
  • I take inspired and effective action to make my vision real
  • I implement, I take risks, I go for it
  • I dare to make things happen
  • I put myself out into the world in a big way
  • I fully open to receive the wonderful results of my work
  • I’m grateful for the money, clients, support and creative ideas that I receive
  • I let abundance flow
  • I am on God’s infinite payroll

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