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Tapping Phrases for Planning and Implementing a Goal

Tap on any or all of the tapping points while repeating the following phrases: I trust my intuition deeply. I love my results, and I enjoy the journey to achieving them. Each step of the way is revealed to me effortlessly. I am divinely guided on the

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I’ve Set My Outrageously Realistic Goal – Now What?

In last month’s post “How to Set Outrageously Realistic Goals” I explained that one of the hallmarks of a true goal is not knowing exactly how to achieve it. So now what? Start with what you do know (and you know more than you think you do!).

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Metaphor for Entrepreneurs

I used to do angel readings (still do occasionally). One of the things I love about it – and any form of coaching, really – is having the honor of taking wonderfully intuitive journeys with my clients. It was a little like detective work: Some leads were

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