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Archangel Jeremiel & Dimension #1

A perfect match for Wealth Creation Dimension #1 (ASPIRE), and strongly linked to clairvoyance, Archangel Jeremiel is a visionary angel who will support you in defining and strengthening the vision of your desire. Because he’s a specialist in life review, he’ll guide you to see the bigger

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Tapping Phrases for the 4 Dimensions of Wealth Creation

Tap on any or all of the tapping points while repeating the following phrases: My desires are an expression of Divine Will I am a powerful channel for the divine creative spark My vision for a rich life is clear and magnetic I unite my desires with

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The 4 Dimensions of Wealth Creation – Dimension #1

Dimension #1: Aspire Desire Vision Intention As spiritual entrepreneurs and professionals, we may harbor conscious or unconscious judgment regarding our desires, especially those surrounding material wealth. Well, it’s time to let that one go! Your desires come from the source – especially the ones that keep popping

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