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Archangel Ariel & Dimension #4

The final dimension of wealth creation is ALLOW. Archangel Ariel holds a cornucopia filled with gifts of abundance (including cash!), and she supports you in receiving it fully. Let it flow!

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The 4 Dimensions of Wealth Creation – Dimension #4

Dimension #4: Allow Gratitude Celebration Receiving Releasing attachment to how the results look It’s so easy to forget this piece! It requires stopping, taking a breath, letting go, being open to receive. Celebrate every single step you’ve taken on the path to your desire, every negative thought

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We all know about spring cleaning, with its ritual release of what’s no longer needed… but isn’t winter about letting go, too? I’ll confess: I live in Southern California, so I have to draw any winter analogies from distant memories of college in Connecticut. I saw the

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