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Archangel Jophiel & Dimension #2

Archangel Jophiel provides angelic “Feng Shui” for your energy and thoughts. She’s the angel of beauty, inside and out, and will aid you in creating powerful inner alignment. Remember that the 2nd dimension of wealth creation is ALIGN!

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Tapping Phrases for the 4 Dimensions of Wealth Creation

Tap on any or all of the tapping points while repeating the following phrases: My desires are an expression of Divine Will I am a powerful channel for the divine creative spark My vision for a rich life is clear and magnetic I unite my desires with

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The 4 Dimensions of Wealth Creation – Dimension #2

Dimension #2: Align Clearing/reprogramming Powerful mindset Powerful beliefs Full congruency Ever noticed that the moment you set a powerful intention, obstacles have a way of appearing? They might be clearly internal (self-doubt, lack of confidence, limiting beliefs, fear, overwhelm), or external (although many spiritual teachings say that

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