Morgen Drasnin is the founder of Morgen Drasnin Coaching, a company that shows spirit-led entrepreneurs how to create wealth and fulfillment in their businesses… from the inside out.

In addition to offering private coaching, group programs and live events, Morgen is available for speaking engagements.

Morgen speaks

With a background in theater and certifications in NLP, Morgen understands that audiences have different learning modalities and a need for powerful engagement. She uses stories, metaphors, audience participation and accelerated learning techniques to create lively presentations that move her audiences.

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Morgen Drasnin Coaching is headquartered in
Westlake Village, CA

Morgen’s presentations include:

The Wealth Creation Series

A prosperous business
These talks are ideal for enlightened entrepreneurs who are ready to clear the inner programming around money that’s holding them back from setting and achieving higher income goals.

These experiential presentations give audiences a powerful glimpse into the unseen forces that are limiting their wealth, and leave them ready to take the lid off their income.

  • Your Money Map: Finding the Inner Path to Expanded Income
  • How to Get to the Root of What’s Holding Back Your Wealth
  • The Power of Setting an Outrageous Income Goal
  • Clear the Vow of Invisibility to Generate Wealth in Your Business

Career & Life Purpose

5 Keys to Ignite Passion and Purpose in Your Business
Key to a great career

This is a perfect talk for entrepreneurs who know there’s so much more inside them, who want to find creative ways of bringing more money-making talents and interests into their business, and who are aching to reconnect to a deeper sense of purpose in their professional lives.

Audiences who’ve heard this interactive and highly experiential presentation consistently walk out feeling empowered, energized and inspired with a greater sense of themselves and their purpose.

Custom-Designed Talks for Your Event

Morgen speaks

Please contact Morgen to discuss your needs around the topics of money programming, wealth and life purpose for entrepreneurs and professionals.

She’ll create a talk that captivates your audience, engages multiple learning modalities, and encourages listeners to actively participate in an experiential and transformative presentation.

Featured in…

Angels, Prosperity & You Summit 2015

From Dysfunction to Fun Summit 2014 & 2015

Creativity & Wellness Summit 2014

I was very impressed by your presentation on goal setting [“The Power of Setting an Outrageous Income Goal”]. Your poise and intelligence impressed me and the group… I just wanted to show my appreciation to be in your presence and learn. Let me know when you have future events, I would like to attend!

Robert Rose
Rose Family Insurance Agencies

In her talk “Your Earliest Money Paradigm,” Morgen shed light on our inner money programming and the 5 types of money. She guided us through an amazing experiential process to reveal a loyalty vow or a rebellion vow, find out how EFT turns off the fight or flight response, and so much more.

Jane Lorenz
Host, From Dysfunction to Fun Telesummit

Morgen Drasnin is an awesome speaker, motivator, coach, and inspiration. Your listeners are going to truly benefit from hearing what she’s got to share!

Krylyn Peters
Host, Creativity and Wellness Summit

Morgen recently presented to our NU Job Seekers and did such a great job. Her topic “5 Keys to Ignite Passion and Purpose in Your Career” was timely. Our Job Seekers as well as myself were inspired and challenged to assess a little deeper in understanding who we are and how it affects our personal and professional life.

Tanya Coker
Employment Development Department
Rancho Cucamonga, CA