After my very first money-clearing session with Morgen, I experienced explosive growth in my business income the following week… one of the best weeks ever in my business. And I felt great: more energy, less effort, greater calm. I’m so grateful for Morgen’s work. She’s a miracle worker!

Cindy S.

Thank you for this amazing gift….I am amazed at how powerful and insightful [the 5 Tapping Scripts to Expand Your Inner Path to Wealth] are. I wasn’t quite sure why I signed up for them, but as I did them, modifying some of the words I felt amazing shifts happening. It made me aware too of how much I have shrunk my life, staying in a comfort zone that doesn’t really suit me… I just listened to your audio and felt as though my own guides were speaking or rather singing to my soul through you. Every word seemed to fly directly to my soul consciousness as though you had already known exactly what I was feeling and experiencing and reached out compassionately to soothe me through it. Loving gratitude for your astounding generosity.

Dierdre M.

I was struggling to discover the right direction for my career, finding myself in short-term jobs where I felt undervalued. Morgen taught me to look inside for a deeper understanding of my purpose, to honor my passions and trust my intuition, and I’m now the Director of Marketing for a company and look forward to going to work. I couldn’t be happier. Life purpose work has given me many tools to keep my life’s work exciting and rewarding in a long-term position. My career is transformed!

Janine Oropeza
Director of Marketing
San Jose, CA

Morgen is magical! I worked with Morgen for several months on clarifying my Life’s Purpose – something I’ve struggled to define much of my life. Though I had utilized various modalities and worked with different counselors and coaches, I didn’t achieve definitive results until now. Morgen is the most supportive, positive coach I’ve ever worked with and her process is very effective – and fun too! I highly recommend Morgen – stop searching and work with her for the results you crave!

Arianna Siegel
Artist, Spiritual Creative Coach
Alameda, CA

I recently heard Morgen speak at a networking meeting on the 5 Keys to Ignite Passion and Purpose in Your Career. The steps were straight forward and brought to surface feelings that have long been buried within me. Passions and purpose have long been set aside in my life in order to get by – little thought was put into why I was working at a certain place and there were no thoughts of whether it was the right fit. After the meeting, I shared this with Morgen. She was compassionate and went well beyond anything I expected. We scheduled a 2-hour coaching session together, where Morgen helped me identify career elements that were important to me and career possibilities that fit with my desires, natural instincts and personality. She provided recommended reading and other activities that were quite doable. There was an intense exercise we did and with her calming voice guiding me and moving the process forward, I could see how things within that were in conflict can actually support each other. This exercise alone resulted in the release of positive energy. It is a blessing to have such genuine support and understanding come my way. Morgen is truly gifted.”

Susan C.