bigstock-Angel-26656409_smallThanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays.

In a busy life, I find it hard to give myself permission to sleep in, cook elaborate meals, eat more than I should, and indulge in a tryptophan-induced nap on the couch.

I also find it easy to take life’s many blessings for granted.

Thanksgiving Day brings me back to a state of gratitude, where I acknowledge the air I breathe, the clean water I drink, the miraculous physical body I inhabit.

This year’s holiday is especially poignant after watching both of my parents go through recent medical emergencies. Thankfully, they’re both doing better as their recovery continues. I’ll savor every moment I spend with them this Thanksgiving Day more deeply than ever.

This month’s article, “The Power of Gratitude,” celebrates the role that gratitude plays in building wealth.

I’m grateful for you, too. You’re reading this post because we’ve crossed paths in some way – through a telesummit or Money Clarity session, at a talk or workshop I’ve given. I’m so thankful to have made this connection with you, whatever its nature. Even if we’ve never met in person, we share an energetic connection that I honor and appreciate.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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