About Morgen


Morgen Drasnin wants to live in a world where money flows, time and freedom are abundant, and passion is the primary reason for doing anything.

As the Soulful Wealth Coach, she’s trained with luminaries Margaret Lynch, Doreen Virtue and don Miguel Ruiz, and has been featured on the From Dysfunction to Fun Summit, the Creativity & Wellness Summit, BlogTalkRadio, and stages throughout Southern California.

When she’s not coaching enlightened entrepreneurs to clear their inner programming around money and skyrocket their income, you might find her traveling, joyfully eating carbs, or rescuing a dog from an animal shelter… because pets deserve an opportunity to reinvent themselves, too.

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Morgen's Story

In 1999, I left my technology job of 17 years to co-create a holistic health e-commerce site. It was the height of the dot-com boom, and this was a topic that meant something to me. My partners and I worked hard to create our business vision, and rolled out a comprehensive business plan to send to venture capitalists… just in time for the massive dot-com crash.

Not only was our business gone, but the technology industry had imploded, and I couldn’t find a job. It was terrifying; I’d go to sleep at night wondering how I was going to pay my bills, and I’d wake up feeling exactly the same way.

This was only the first in a series of devastating financial setbacks.

Once I was finally back on my feet, I was advised by a real estate mentor to cash in on the equity in my home, and invest in rental properties. He educated investors like me to disregard the increasing predictions that the real estate market was about to experience a “bubble burst.”

So I purchased rental properties at top dollar, just before… you guessed it… the bubble burst.

I eventually had to short-sale one property, and limped along with the remaining underwater properties, hemorrhaging money every month to cover vacancies and negative cash flow.

Having an extensive background in analytics and software development, I turned my attention to learning trading, and invested an enormous amount of time developing my own trading software. Things were going great – I’d spend all of 2 minutes doing my trading each day, and my profits were slowly growing. And then… the economy experienced a meltdown, and I lost 5 figures.

I started joking that I had a reverse Midas touch. That, or the worst timing in the universe.

By now, I was a 6-figure earner living paycheck to paycheck.

When I decided to develop my first coaching practice, I’d never been a solopreneur before, so this was new territory. I felt perpetually overwhelmed, and somehow paralyzed whenever I tried to implement all of the great business development strategies I was learning. My resistance was so strong, it felt as if my feet were planted in concrete.

I was never going to move forward.

When I began to do inner clearing techniques around money, I discovered that my entire nervous system was carrying – and continuously reenacting – these financial traumas, as well as early childhood experiences where I’d internalized the belief that I’d never be successful in my own business.

As I cleared this old programming from my nervous system, my habitually negative beliefs and lack of confidence began to lift.

I found myself taking massive, effective action to build my business. I allowed my natural gifts and inspired ideas to emerge, and used them to do the work I love.

When I looked back at my financial struggles, I knew that if I’d had someone to help me clear my inner blocks to wealth sooner, the path to a prosperous business would have been so much easier.

That’s why I was inspired to become a certified wealth and purpose coach, with a mission to show enlightened entrepreneurs how to create wealth in their businesses from the inside out, so they can do the work they love and be rewarded with a fantastic income.


I begin my day with…
A gratitude practice

Favorite crystal…
Labradorite, because it’s a crystal that embodies the mystery and magic of intuition and dreaming

Favorite angel…
Haniel, because she’s the archangel of feminine power, intuition and passion

Favorite soundtrack…
The Adjustment Bureau

Number puzzles, like KenKen and Sudoku

Cougar crush…
Zac Efron (so handsome)

Committed to…
Adopting rescue animals, because there’s nothing quite like the transformation that comes from providing a loving home to an abandoned or abused pet


Renaissance career
This is the era of the Renaissance Entrepreneur, where multiple talents and interests can combine in unique ways to create a highly expressive, deeply satisfying and ultimately prosperous business.

It’s an exciting time in human history, an awakening of unprecedented creativity and collaboration.

I want to inspire you to share all of your gifts with the world, and be richly rewarded for them. It’s time.


Tapping into Wealth Coaching Certification
Margaret M. Lynch

Life Purpose and Career Coaching Certification
Life Purpose Institute

Career Coaching
Career Coach Institute

Angel Therapy® Certification
Doreen Virtue

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certifications
Christopher Howard

Wealth Acceleration Coach Certification
Christopher Howard

Theta Healing Certification
Brent Phillips and Vianna Stibal

Crystal Energetics
Judith Lukomski

Hand Analysis Certification
Baeth Davis and Pamelah Landers

Toltec Shamanism Apprenticeship
don Miguel Ruiz

Native American Shamanism Apprenticeship
Lyn Starflyer

CranioSacral Therapy
Upledger Institute

Various Healing Modalities
Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing

Coaching from Spirit

The Sedona Method

Yale University
B.A. Theater Studies