Tapping Phrases for Goals

Tap on any or all of the tapping points while repeating the following phrases:

  • I’m a powerful creator. I set intentions in alignment with my Soul, and open to receive opportunities, clients, payment and abundance in all its forms.
  • I give myself permission to go for what I really want, for what excites me. I dream big.
  • I trust that my intuition will guide me in knowing my next steps. I can set big goals without knowing exactly how to achieve them, because I know the Divine will guide me there.
  • I ask myself every day: What am I excited about, and what am I going to go for today? What actions are supported by my energy today? What feels like the path of least resistance to my goal?
  • I open to receive powerful visions, ideas, and inspired actions that I can implement. My mind is one with the Universal Mind, so my inspiration is infinite.
  • I am on God’s infinite payroll. My financial needs are abundantly met.

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